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G&T Aluminium

About Us

20 Long Years Of Aluminium Excellence Working to Achieve the Highest Possible Standards!

At G&T we believe in taking pride in our ability to not only work efficiently but also get on with people. We carry out our works to the highest degree. After operating and growing year upon year for 3 years, we have developed an experienced, highly skilled team of designers, fabricators and installers who strive to consistently showcase our ability to work to any given programme. G&T has the ability to resource projects as per the job requirements.

What We Do

We have the capacity to efficiently look after the entire process from professional architectural design, through quality assured manufacture and highly skilled installation.


We carry out the tender, estimation and architectural design process. Our experienced team of designers will guide you through each stage meeting all required regulations.


Equipped with the latest Elumatec machinery, our highly skilled fabricators can manufacture all products to meet the specification and satisfy your design requirements.


We have an established, industry leading team of installers who strive to fit your final product to the design specification and our own high standards.

Need Help? We Are Design, Manufacture & Installation Experts!

Our Sectors

Where We Operate

From business parks, to retail outlets, hotels and restaurants we continue to take pride in the works that we carry out in the commercial industry. We work to the programme and are a reliable asset to any build.

Private developments are one of our true passions. We don’t believe in a job that is too small. We believe in customer satisfaction and deliver that on all of our residential homes.

Whether it is a factory unit, or offices on an industrial park, we are highly experienced in this field and enjoy the challenge of providing high spec solutions to many applications around the UK.

To take on a project in the Public Sector it takes a degree of professionalism, quality and trust. We have these traits in abundance, contributing to a strong portfolio in this avenue of work.

Our Products

We are the industry's breath of fresh air and produce the most reliable, on-trend solutions to suit your needs

Aluminium Curtain Wall

We are trusted partners with Technal, Exlabesa and Raynaers, taking pride in using their fantastic curtain walling systems to maximise the glazed area and meet job requirements.

Aluminium Windows

We truly believe in the quality of our aluminium window, our made to measure, made to specification window never fails to satisfy our clients needs.

Aluminium Doors

Premium Aluminium Doors from Technal, Exlabesa and Raynaers. From domestic to commercial clients we modify our to meet your budget, functionality and design requirements.

Bi-folding & Sliding Doors

Premium Bi-foldng Doors and beautiful sliding doors from Exlabesa and Raynaers. We use nothing but the best industry standard, working to our clients budget, from standard domestic works to premium private developments and commercial applications.

Shop Front

Shop Fronts are a specialised system that brings the front of your store to life. Not only from an aesthetic point of view but also durability and security. We design and install shop fronts to meet your business needs, safety regulations and the design specification.

Steel Doors

A steel door is often an essential component of the works we carry out. We design and install high quality steel doors to meet your requirements, safety regulations and the job specification.

For more information take a look at our core product range.

Why Aluminium?

We are working to promote recyclable aluminium windows as a longer lasting, more reliable and aesthetically pleasing alternative to uPVC. Check out why we believe strongly in aluminium!

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