With Technal Crown Residential Window Suite, true flexibility is available to meet your product needs. Our design expertise, technical knowledge, and passion have developed this window system to provide you with a range of options and capabilities – including those that provide structural integrity. The Crown system was designed the way we would like them to look in our home, making them perfect for residential projects.

The innovative, universal window system that brings high performance, technical advancements, and design features to enhance your project.

The Dualframe system combines strength, safety, sustainability and beauty for new-builds or refurbishment projects, particularly in residential, educational or light commercial buildings.

The Dualframe 75 Si window system has been designed to comply with the increasing complexity of meeting Secured by Design, Building Regulations, British Standards and other regulatory demands.

The Solution for vertical or horizontal sliding windows. Using advanced polyamide thermal break technology, Dualslide provides high thermal performance without foam filled profiles or costly sealed unit specifications.


Technically advanced window system with slim lines. exlabesa KC51 Casement Window is fabricated using a mechanical corner cleat, wich ensures easy and fast fabrication times. Innovation and aesthetics united in a single system. KC51 Casement window mixes a modern and contemporary appearance with optimal technical features, especially its safety and energy saving benefits.

Exlabesa KT 51 tilt & turn window system stands out for its robustness and the security of its fitting, offering the best performance on the market in regard to air permeability, watertightness and wind resistance. A system capable of adapting to the aesthetic and functional needs of each construction is essential in architecture. KT51 Tilt & Turn offers a huge range of adaptable options for any room thanks to the combination of its opening possibilities. Furthermore, its technical features are excellent, making this system one of the most complete in our range.

Exlabesa KC 75 window system feature top security and energy saving. Their depth of 75 mm ensure the best insulation of the exlabesa window range. Aluminium windows make a stunning statement in any home. KC75 aluminium windows have slim frames that maximise the amount of natural light, making them perfect for both traditional and modern homes. With a choice of design options, the windows come with a multitude of practical features for today’s modern day living while exceeding the energy performance requirements of current Building Regulations.

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